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26 September

5 Tips for Establishing a Brand Voice

Posted at 02:14 by Aminata B. Sow . 0 Comments

Identifying your brand's voice is key to communicating with your audience (Yes, your brand has a voice). It establishes your brand’s personality and is the best way to connect with your audience and clients.

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11 September

Marketing- 80% Science, 20% Art

Posted at 08:00 by Bianca . 0 Comments

80/20 Marketing

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14 August

Your Brand Story

One Story – Four SidesMy first Mentor once said that it was important to remember that there are 3 sides to every coin – Heads, Tails and the Edge.  "After all," he said, "you only get the spin on the edge!"

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17 July

Marketing to 5 generations

When marketing, you must keep in mind which demographic you're speaking to. In today's marketing, there are 5 generations that you could possibly be talking to. You must be concise in recognizing the different behaviors, likes, and dislikes of...

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05 April

How Strategy Shapes the Structure of Your Business

Posted at 12:11 by Aminata B. Sow . 0 Comments

Every business has room for growth and with today’s markets constantly evolving, as an entrepreneur, it is important to stay relevant and constantly strategize to improve your business. A successful sports team for example would utilize...

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29 March

Balancing Business and Passion

Posted at 07:54 Business by Aminata B. Sow . 0 Comments

In the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Have you ever seen someone turn their passion into a profitable business and wonder, why not me? This past week the White Rose Team took our...

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20 March

Building your Business Empire: 4 Essential Elements you need for your business to thrive

Posted at 02:58 by Aminata B. Sow . 0 Comments

Your business can be related to a garden. The water, sunlight, space, and care you provide to the garden allows for it to thrive. Just like a garden, there are essential elements that are needed for your business to thrive. No matter how long...

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09 February

Back to the Basics: Understanding the Mechanics of Lead Generation

Whether you are new to marketing or decades into your career, understanding lead generation is an ever-changing topic and necessary asset in your marketing playbook. Looking to learn more about your audience? Want to manipulate your existing...

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18 January


Posted at 09:16 by Aminata B. Sow . 0 Comments

Learn how to maximize online lead generation in an easy to read e-Book

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12 January

The Art of Remixed Content

With less than two weeks into the new year, have you taken analysis of your content and thought to yourself, how will I create enough content for 2017? Could your content calendar use a little extra substance to attract customers that have...

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