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5 Tips for Establishing a Brand Voice

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5 Tips for Establishing a Brand Voice

26 September

5 Tips for Establishing a Brand Voice

Posted at 02:14 by Aminata B. Sow . 0 Comments
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Identifying your brand's voice is key to communicating with your audience (Yes, your brand has a voice). It establishes your brand’s personality and is the best way to connect with your audience and clients.

Although you may not be sure what it sounds like, who it acts like or why it is important, hiring someone who can help to identify your brand voice is key to establishing your brand. It needs to be defined before you can even create your messaging, send out the first Facebook post or launch your website. All forms of communication for your company must be clear and concise in order to engage with your clients and gain their trust. Below are five tips that will assist in establishing your brand’s voice and position your company for success.

Define your brand- Your brand highlights what you stand for and is the foundation of your marketing strategy. Deploy clear, concise and consistent messaging that evokes passion and/or emotion is important when connecting with your customer. Within the message, you should be able to convey how you are different from your competitor and highlight features of your product and or service.

Identify your target audience- Identifying your target is an important component of a marketing strategy. As a business owner it is not scalable to try and meet the business needs of all people. Conducting the proper research to reveal certain characteristics from demographics to psychographics will save you lots of energy, money and time. Once you have solidified your target, it is important to make the connection with the customer, work to meet their needs and develop the relationship by being authentic.

Express personality- You've figured out what you want to say, but how will you say it? What will your tone be? Will you speak formally or informally? Expressing your personality through your brand, adds life and creates a connection between you and your audience.

Be different/unique- Your brand voice should be distinct. It should be recognizable amongst your competitors. You want your brand to stand out. There are millions of brands in each industry. You don't want to blend in with the rest. This is an easy way for your brand to be forgotten.

Be consistent- Consistency is key! What your customers see on your brand’s Facebook feed should reflect what they would expect from you in person or in an interview about your brand. It is important that your brand communicate in the same fashion online as it does in person. This helps to establish rapport with your audience and clients.

Developing a brand voice has become more important than ever in markets that are heavily saturated with so many brands. Keeping a consistent tone across all media platforms will allow your customers to recognize your brand over noisy competitors. Once you've established a strong voice, yours will become familiar among thousand of others. Interested establishing your brand’s voice? Leverage the White Rose team today and we will guide you on which steps to take from a strategic marketing perspective.


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