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11 September

Marketing- 80% Science, 20% Art

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80/20 Marketing

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14 August

Your Brand Story

One Story – Four SidesMy first Mentor once said that it was important to remember that there are 3 sides to every coin – Heads, Tails and the Edge.  "After all," he said, "you only get the spin on the edge!"

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01 June

Where did the name White Rose Marketing come from?

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04 March

Introducing Aminata B. Sow

Posted at 10:16 Aminata, Business, Employee, Marketing, Team, White Rose by Bianca . 0 Comments

White Rose Marketing has recently added a talented and passionate marketing consultant to the team.  Miss Aminata B. Sow, is an analytical and resourceful professional with experience in government contracting, financial analysis, and program...

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01 March

Entrepreneur Survival Summit, Free Online Conference for Entrepreneurs

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I had the honor of being interviewed for this conference and want to share my interview and the messages of over 30 other entrepreneurs via the Entrepreneur Survival Summit.  Below is a message from Sonia Thompson, Founder, TRY Business School and...

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02 November

31 Digital Marketing Tricks & Treats From The Experts -Published on Momentology

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20 October

What does a Sew in Hair Weave have to do with Marketing?

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A few months ago I was to attend a wedding in Cancun Mexico with my boyfriend.  A day before we left, I went to my stylist to have my hair done for the trip and took a few hair extension clip ins with me.  I requested her to install the clip ins...

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