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Balancing Business and Passion

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Balancing Business and Passion

29 March

Balancing Business and Passion

Posted at 07:54 Business by Aminata B. Sow . 0 Comments

In the words of Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Have you ever seen someone turn their passion into a profitable business and wonder, why not me? This past week the White Rose Team took our talents and passion to London to conduct a panel with three other business experts and dear friends on Building Your Business Empire” The 4 Essential Elements You Need to Thrive”. While in London we also participated as a Thought Leader for Odyssey Media which focuses on connecting and empowering influential and affluent multicultural women around the world. Although a lot of time and energy was spent leading up to both events, the experience was very rewarding. When something you love to do becomes work, it can be unavoidable at times. Instead of focusing on solely what you love to do, figure out how you can make your passion work for your business and find the balance to create harmony in your life.

The constant changing of trends in any market is an ever-present variable for any business and it’s driving force (Passion).  It is imperative to take a balanced approach towards incorporating new trends into your business that align with your passion. For example, when researching trends that will amplify your brand, research the marketing strategy behind the presentation of the trend as well. Research what makes it tick! If you are trying out a new way to angle your passion within your business, make sure you incorporate a marketing technique that will amplify your brand (ex: Hashtags, giveaways, etc.). A great example of an entrepreneur who has incorporated techniques to balance her business is make-up artist and Youtube personality Michelle Phan. She was able to take her passion and knowledge of makeup and teach it to an audience via YouTube. Michelle’s brand has evolved overtime due to her balance of incorporating her passion in business and successfully developing her content and marketing efforts on multiple social platforms.

At times, we can find ourselves deeply focused on one side of the Business-Passion balance beam which can take away from the entire brand. If you are too concerned with one side to the point where you neglect the other, it may result in a product or service that you and the consumers are not satisfied with. Balance is essential towards the continuity and success of your passion driven business. Here at White Rose, we are here to help as an outsource for all your marketing needs! Inquire about our free consultation today so we may help balance your business!




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