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07 November

Can you use interns to do your social media?

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In the 21st century, it is almost unheard of a company not having a presence on social media. According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 81% of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are using social media for business growth, 9% are planning to...

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27 October

Why We Re-brand (And Maybe You Should Too)

The White Rose Marketing office is in Harlem, a neighborhood once known as a remote, garden-esqe suburb type place to its original Dutch settlers.  It is quite interesting to reflect on how the changes that are happening here in Harlem are like the...

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21 October

4 Ways to Transform Your Business Post-Conference

Conferences serve as a great environment to learn more about content specific to your industry, product/services, industry trends and networking with other business owners. After days of sessions, speeches and trainings, you head back to the office...

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26 September

Do you have the Presidential Brand?

This Presidential Election Season has created an experience like none other that can be seen as raw, aggressive and unpredictable. What started out as a Powerhouse election season encompassed of different people have now been narrowed down to two...

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15 September

Does your brand pass the Millennial test?

Millennial:  Generation born between 1980-2000, has recently reached 80 million consumers.

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30 August

The Millennial Takeover

Recently, we’ve noticed a shift in the way content is curated by brands that appear to be targeting a new audience, using non-traditional mediums, and delivering niche messaging.  Who are these companies targeting you may ask; none other than the...

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19 August

Branding at the Olympics

The Games of the 31st Olympiad have created an experience with branding that can be seen as inspiring and life changing. From the opening ceremonies, to watching the games, the Olympic entity in addition to the advertisements within, have done an...

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12 August

Who Else Wants to Be Successful With Content Marketing?

With a growing number of small business start-ups on the rise, corporate America has downsized which has caused the entry barrier into the market to be low. The 28 million small businesses in America that are comprised of many new tech firms and...

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01 August

HEAF Summer Quest Program

Three weeks ago at White Rose Marketing we started working with the Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) Summer Quest program; a five-week summer enrichment program for middle school students that builds upon and extend skills, habits and...

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