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02 November

31 Digital Marketing Tricks & Treats From The Experts -Published on Momentology

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20 October

What does a Sew in Hair Weave have to do with Marketing?

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A few months ago I was to attend a wedding in Cancun Mexico with my boyfriend.  A day before we left, I went to my stylist to have my hair done for the trip and took a few hair extension clip ins with me.  I requested her to install the clip ins...

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25 September

Marketing in Africa

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21 August

Thoughts on Coke's 'Apology'

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13 August

The Art of Disruption…GOP Debate No 1

Outside of politics, there was so much that happened during last week’s initial GOP debate. The sheer number of candidates ‘debating’, the multiple moderators, the live production that required it to start twice, the insistence on rough...

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