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The release of Chance the Rappers’ Minimum Viable Product

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The release of Chance the Rappers’ Minimum Viable Product

23 November

The release of Chance the Rappers’ Minimum Viable Product

If you are into hip hop, there is a slight chance that you have heard about Chance the Rapper. The 24-year-old eclectic and talented artist hailing from Chicago has taken the music industry by storm. A pioneer within the music industry, his latest album “Coloring Book” that was released in May of this year was not only one of the best-reviewed albums of the year, but it was the first streaming only album to chart on the Billboard list. In addition to his talent, Chance the Rapper has made strides within the music industry without the support of a record label. SoundCloud and word of mouth primarily have been the platforms he showcases his work on.

A few weeks ago Chance recorded and released his video How Great featuring his cousin Nicole, a choir and Jay Electronica on an iPhone 6. Yes, a cellular device! His style in addition to the way he promotes his talent is unconventional to say the least. Today artists have more platforms at their disposal to share their work and Chance has proven that he is a conduit of change as to how he conducts business within the music industry. After posting his video via Twitter Chance received more than 80,000 retweets and thousands of other comments and posts from fans.

With the release of the video, Chance the Rapper just taught us all a thing or two about the benefits of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVP strategy is designed to get a simple product to the market in a short time period and following launch, examining the feasibility of the product and considering features that could be added or omitted from the next iteration of the product. The strategy provides a space for valuable feedback from the consumer while you test your understanding of the product without spending a huge amount to develop a full product. The release of the video How Great gave Chance the platform to go to market faster and possibly increase sale revenues than if he would have developed a fully featured video for his launch. We look forward to watching the growth of Chances’ brand!

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