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'Tis the season for Holiday Campaigns

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'Tis the season for Holiday Campaigns

08 December

'Tis the season for Holiday Campaigns

With the buzz of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday now over, it is now time to ramp up your marketing efforts and get your brand on the forefront of your potential customer’s radar. Implementing a well-executed holiday campaign during the holiday season can build brand awareness that resonates during and after the winter months. The holiday season means different things to different people who represent a multitude of faiths, culture and customs and a great holiday marketing campaign considers all of those factors and finds an anchor that unites the different points. It is important to take an analysis of your current brand elements and ensure that you identify a clear message and speak to a specific audience.

Often times businesses do not capture the attention of an audience because they are speaking to everyone yet no one at the same time. In the haste of creating content and promoting deals with holiday themed images, the message becomes lost in translation. Remember, as a business owner your job is to fulfill the need of your audience by providing a product and or service that helps them. Create a campaign that engages your audience throughout the holiday season and encourages them to continue to check in for deals and content. Below is a great example of a well-executed campaign by Starbucks that has re-occurred for many years.

For many years, Starbucks ran a special 12 Days of Christmas promotional campaign that rewarded coffee drinkers for their patronage by offering gifts and deals every day for 12 days in December. Each day featured a different promotion, and encouraged potential customers to check in for the new deal of the day. Depending on where your consumer sits along the Purchase Journey, you may want to give away promotional items to get consumers familiar with your brand, to the point where they will consider your product and or service and purchase it.

Ideally your holiday marketing campaign should be planned months in advance and is supported by research on your market and customer. Developing a marketing campaign starts with your understanding of your brand and rolls into content and promotions that resonates with your audience.  Need help with crafting your holiday campaign for FY 2017?  We are here to help!  At White Rose our $397 per month entry level marketing membership program enables business owners who thought that they couldn’t afford a marketing team get the marketing support they need.  Click on the link for more details.

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